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Musings about Geocaching

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Princess Toadstool came to visit for four days

Boy, was it great to be out with my caching buddy again. In the afternoon of the first day, we hiked Hollenbeck Canyon. The next day, we hiked "Puzzle Ridge" in the Rancho San Diego/Jamul area where we found a few Puzzle caches as well as a cache on my "must find" list for the past several months, "Out and About."

The third day of her visit we took her new yellow jeep to Descanso and beyond on the Boulder Creek Road to find the caches in my BCR series.

It was clear and beautiful that morning and the views were fantastic. El Cajon mountain is impressive from this vantage point.

After finding all the caches and taking lots of pictures, we turned around and headed back to Alpine where we found 3cds cache, "Easy as ABC." Nearby there was a little Mexican restaurant where we got lunch. Our orders were the same as they were during all those months we cached together — I got my usual chile relleno with a side order of beans, P.T. ordered a grilled chicken soft taco with a side order of rice.

Now that we had "refueled," it was off to Crest to find several caches placed by map4navigation. What a fun hike that was! The caches, and waypoints for the Multi, were well done, and the final location of the Multi cache was fantastic.

On Thursday morning, we hiked McGinty so P.T. could finally get all those caches of mine. No one had found the Puzzle cache yet, but she didn't sign it as the FTF since she didn't figure out the puzzle . . . I had told her about the coordinates after placing the cache when I was still trying to figure out the "puzzle" part of the cache page.

Our hike was more than five miles from the parking area to "Lonely Tree with a View" and from there, up, up, up to the top.

After we got back, I watched with envy as P.T. hooked her jeep to the back of her R.V. and took off down the road.

Happy travels, P.T.


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