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Musings about Geocaching

Thursday, July 21, 2005

I might get a chance to cache in a different State

A friend bought a vehicle that is going to be delivered to Reno, Nevada. So, we are flying up there and will drive it back down Hwy. 395. It is going to be hot, hot, hot, but I hope to find at least a few caches in Nevada, and in every county we pass through on the drive down.

I want to stop at the Alabama Hills west of Lone Pine, and hope there are some caches located in that large BLM area.

I have about five T.B.s to take with me to drop off where they will pick up some mileage. So . . . it will be an interesting next few days . . . I just hope the weather moderates a bit. It is 106 in Reno, and it was 110 in Acton, and who knows how hot it will be when we drive through the high desert.

But, it is a dry heat . . .

Sunday, July 17, 2005

I have neglected to mention how grateful I am to P.T. for driving

Once again it was going to be very warm on Princess Toadstool's day off, so she picked me up in El Cajon and off we went in her car in search of caches closer to the coast and the "natural air conditioning." The new one, "Excuses Excuses" was on both of our "Today's List," so we went there first. We got there in a bit of a round-about-way, but P.T. knew what the reference meant in the description that got us to the right dead-end street that led to the trailhead.

The cache was very well-camouflaged with some great cammo-netting cloth. I would love to get some of that stuff. I grabbed a travel bug, "Larabee," that has to do with a puzzle cache. Since P.T. was working on that puzzle, she grabbed it back from me, because it is supposed to be released in a San Diego area cache within 48 hours.

There were a couple of caches I had done near the end of Park Blvd., but there was one I hadn't. So we parked the car and walked around to get "Misha's Missing Microfilm" and "1890 -- San Diego Historical" and then "Red Skies."

There was a police cruiser parked right in front of the cache location here, but I made the grab and then we pretended to be tourists taking pictures when we returned the container to its hiding spot.

After that cache, we made our way to the brand new cache called "The Trading Post." It is an opportunity to be creative in your log because you get to grab something someone else has left -- virtually -- and leave something else -- virtually. I really wanted the Hummer so I could turn it into an environmentally-friendly vehicle.

I left two Toyota Prius's as my "trade up or trade even" objects.

We returned to the location of the archived "Doggie Do Do" and found the new cache. This one is very well-hidden. The access to a revival of Stonewall was a bit of a mystery to us, and we didn't want to walk that far on a day that was getting warmer by the minute, so we went up the hill above Golden Hills to the park that sits right under the flight path. The cammo on that cache was very cute, although I spotted it immediately -- nothing wrong with that, however.

I don't know what kind of tree that is in the picture, but the flowers were huge, and they were a very bright orange. Another tree had the same flowers, but they were more red.

We found another cache down in a canyon, but now the day was really warming up. It was 3:30, so the freeway was going to be okay as far as traffic, so we took off to go to Fiesta Island. There are four caches on the island and we found three of them. A cleverly-cammoed and well-hidden cache in tribute to TucsonThompsen done by FlagMan proved to be either too cleverly-hidden . . . or it is gone . . . because we really looked a long time. Others noted in their logs that they had to make lifeline calls . . . too bad we didn't have FlagMan's number . . .

Finally, after finding the last cache, we took off for the WebCam cache in Pacific Beach. P.T.'s daughter was going to try to grab it for us. She was in Las Vegas, where it was 117 degrees, and we were standing on the pier, in the cold overcast of early evening with the wind blowing our hair around. We were trying to send some of the coolness to her while she struggled, sweltering in her apartment that did not have air conditioning that day, to control the camera and get the picture.

A couple more caches were in the area, but I was definitely winding down, so we decided to head off to Seau's where they have two-for-one specials at the Sushi Bar on Wednesday night.

It was quite a contrast to sit in the bar, with all the young professionals, talking about their work, or sports, or whatever they are into, after we had been out being so adventurous all day long.


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