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Musings about Geocaching

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hiking down my road to stay in shape for caching

Earlier in the week, I walked down to the horses with some treats for them and was disappointed to see they were gone . . . apparently moved to another pasture now that the grass is dry. Too bad. I really enjoyed seeing them.

I walked quite a bit further down Lyons Valley Road, entering new, uncleared territory and picking up quite a few cans and bottles along that narrow, dangerous stretch of road. To vary my route back, I walked the other direction on Lyons Valley Road from Four Corners, going past the location where two people were killed in a motorcycle accident over the Fourth of July weekend. The road is very narrow along there, with huge oak trees bordering the roadway. Fortunately only a few cars passed me as I walked along that dangerous stretch of road that goes towards the Lyons Valley Trading Post.

After that long walk, I gave myself a day off before taking another long walk down to a friend's house. She needed to pick up some things from my place, so I knew I had a ride back home. It is a distance of more than seven miles, depending on whether I use my car's odometer, the GPSr's Trip Odometer, or the GPSr Tracks to judge the distance. It was a good thing the last half of the walk was all downhill or I'm not sure how I would have felt after walking that far. However, the day was perfect for the walk, with a nice breeze and cooler temperatures than those of recent weeks.

I turned on the GPSr for the drive back up just to see if there was any distance if the speed was higher than my walking speed.

On the drive back up, we stopped to pick up two bags of cans and bottles I stashed along the road during my walk.

Today I made a short walk down the road in the other direction. I hadn't walked that direction for a while, so there were more cans and bottles to pick up. I got "paid" about $.35/hour for walking . . .


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