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Musings about Geocaching

Friday, January 06, 2006

Lots of activity at my new caches

SMOKEY was FTF on both "Elevation 999" and "Jamul Creek View." Then a bit later when he was on his hunt, Cegrube had the "pleasure" of seeing a mountain lion on the way to "Elevation 999."

Since those two finders, a guy I don't know found the caches followed by lostguy51 and Chuy. I have been pleased by the logs. I think everyone enjoyed the caches and the views and the adventures they afforded.

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Two more muggled caches . . . :-(

A couple of months ago, the container for "Blue's Blue View" went missing. It was a plastic blue whale with a film canister in his belly. I placed him looking out to the west at the ocean view from a point on Mt. McGinty.

Then last week, fisnjack and GeckoDad DNF'd "Lonely Tree With a View." That little Tupperware container was very well hidden. The rock it was under looked completely normal and natural.

Last Friday, I hiked up there and replaced that container.

Then, today I checked on "Steele Canyon Park" and "Recycle Cache." Both were missing.

Steele Canyon Park was a pill container with a painted hamburger bun on the lid so it looked like a mushroom. I don't have anything like that again, so the replacement container is a boring camouflaged waterproof matchbox.

"Recycle Cache" was a cammoed M & M tube. I replaced that container with one of SMOKEY's cigar tubes he gave me. I just checked on that cache about two weeks ago, so I don't know what happened to it. I suppose it could have fallen out of the tree and then been picked up and thrown away.

I sure hope none of my other caches go missing. I was glad the container for "Lyons Valley Roadside Distraction" was left behind when that cache was muggled -- although it was really bad one of the items in it was a Travel Bug -- but it is discouraging.

It is fun to put caches out . . . not that fun to have to put out a replacement -- and it is very disappointing to have to put out a boring, nothing-out-of-the ordinary replacement container, as I had to at "Blue's Blue View" and "Steele Canyon Park" when my original intention was to add some fun to the cacher's experience . . .


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