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Musings about Geocaching

Friday, February 17, 2006

A new, more-detailed Keen People map

We hiked more than seven miles in the MTRP

Wheeuuw! What a day! We started out hiking to Duncans! "Flagman's Cache" on the east side of the MTRP, parking on Barker Way. Before yesterday, I didn't know there was a "Barker Way." I just thought that was the name of the trail I had seen while hiking up to Cowles Mountain.

After we found the cache and examined the great contents of the huge ammo can, we hiked back down the trail to the car then headed off to the nearest Starbuck's where we could cash in the Starbuck's card Duncan! had left in the cache as the FTF prize, which no one had taken yet. After refueling our caffeine level, we drove around to the other side of the MTRP and hiked to several other caches, making it all the way to the top of both North and South Fortuna.

It was very hazy and the very few pictures I took did not turn out, so this image of our tracks and the caches we found will have to suffice as the "Visual Aid."

Even though I couldn't get good pictures, it was a spectacular day for such long hikes. In the morning there were little puffy clouds in the sky to add interest to the hazy blue and in the afternoon some interesting high strato cirrus clouds portended the arrival of a change in the weather that is due this weekend.

I created a Magnalog of the longest hike of the day at the Magnalog Site.

The static image looks like this:

You can view the actual Magnalog here.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A Quick Camping Trip to Anza Borrego

My camping trip to Anza-Borrego State Park was cut short because of strong winds. In the three days, I only found two Geocaches, but I got some great pictures of the moonset on both mornings, and took a few more pictures on the drive home.

The first morning, I woke up very early and looked out the little "window" in my tent to see the full moon hanging low in the western sky. I got up, grabbed the camera, and took off to try to capture the scene.

These old stone outhouses were a surprise to see as I worked my way back to our Yaqui Well campsite after taking pictures of the setting moon.

I'm actually surprised this picture came out as sharp as it did. The wind was blowing so hard, I didn't think I could hold the camera steady enough to get a good picture.

This is the closed and locked gate to the not-yet-finished Desert Museum where T.R. Violin has a cache that turned out to be my 1200th found cache.

Even if I had tried to plan it, I do not think I could have gotten this picture. It was taken through the windshield of my car as I drove past the enormous wind generators on westbound Interstate 8.


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