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Musings about Geocaching

Monday, February 20, 2006

Gorgeous views on a day after a storm

Princess Toadstool and I started the day in the rain and our first cache was a DNF. It was yet another one by a caching team who place caches in odd locations where there are either lots of muggles or where there are too many hiding places for such small containers -- like near a wall of ivy.

After that disappointment, we found an ammo can in a nearby park and then made the decision to go to the top of Mt. Helix to find a Pathfinder and Snoopy cache they put up there to replace another one they had near there that got muggled.

The views in all directions were fantastic.

The water outside San Diego Bay looked dirty and discolored from our vantage point way up on Mt. Helix.

Cowles Mountain was accented by the beautiful clouds and we could see La Jolla far in the distance.

Viejas Mountain, where I got my first FTF, could be seen off to the northeast.

From "Look Ma, No Hands," a cache that was placed way back in 2001, we could see Gaskill Peak, Lawson Peak, and Lyons Peak way out to the east. Only Lawson Peak had sun on it at the time I took the picture.

Later in the day we walked down the "Bikeway" to find seven very new caches placed by an enthusistic new cacher. We ran into Rammjet along the way and he joined us for the rest of the more-than-two-mile walk.

We ended the day finding a cache in a Palm tree right at dusk. P.T. found it not where the hint said it would be. I was sure glad she found it. I wouldn't have wanted to end the day with a DNF, since that was the way we started the day.

All together, we found 18 caches. And we found that many without rushing around trying to find a bunch. Just last Monday I found number 1200 and today I'm already up to 1230 . . . That is a lot more than the one-a-day rate I had as my goal when I first started this addictive hobby.


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